Replaced a JD 425 22 HP motor with 25 HP motor. The 22 HP motor was installed without a hoist several years ago. This time I used the engine hoist to remove old 22 HP and install 25 HP motor. Hoist worked well.

The 2 ton hydraulic engine hoist, heavy duty all structural steel construction, fully box welded for ultimate strength & performance

4 adjustable load arm: 0.5T / 1T / 1.5T / 2T . Foldable for easy transport & space-saving storage


Engine Crane | Engine Hoist | Engine Lift

Original price was: $549.Current price is: $499.


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Equipped with an 8-ton hydraulic pump, the engine hoist effortlessly lifts a hefty capacity of 4400 lbs/2 tons, managing even the heaviest loads smoothly.


  • 4 adjustable load arm: 0.5T / 1T / 1.5T / 2T
  • 6 swivel casters provide smooth and easy maneuvering around your workspace.
  • Made of high-quality steel, ensures excellent durability and long service life.
  • Lifting height can be adjusted up to 82.7 inches.
  • Foldable for easy transport and space-saving storage.
  • Heavy-duty 8 ton long ram

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Original price was: $549.Current price is: $499.

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Impressive Lifting Power

Equipped with an 8-ton hydraulic pump, our engine hoist effortlessly lifts and levels with a hefty capacity of 4400 lbs/2 tons, managing even the heaviest loads smoothly.

Effortless Operation

Navigate repairs smoothly with 6 swivel casters for seamless movement and a 2.6-inch/65 mm handle that ensures easy operation, reducing the physical strain of vehicle maintenance.

Compact and Foldable Design

After use, the engine hoist folds up into a compact form for convenient storage, keeping your workspace organized and tidy. Elevate your repair tasks with our innovative and space-saving 2-in-1 engine hoist!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the lifting range of a typical engine hoist?

    The lifting range of a typical engine hoist varies, but most can lift engines from ground level to several feet high. This range allows the engine lift to accommodate different vehicle heights, making the engine crane versatile and effective.

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    Can an engine hoist be used on uneven surfaces?

    It is not recommended to use an engine hoist on uneven surfaces due to stability concerns. Ensure your engine crane is on a level surface to maintain safety and prevent accidents when using the engine lift.

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    Why should I use an engine lift for engine removal?

    You should use an engine lift for engine removal to ensure safety and efficiency. This engine crane provides the necessary strength to handle heavy engines, reducing the risk of injury and making the process smoother with an engine hoist.

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    What are the benefits of using a hydraulic engine hoist?

    A hydraulic engine hoist offers ease of use, requiring less physical effort to lift heavy engines. This engine lift provides smoother operation compared to manual engine cranes, making it ideal for frequent use.

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    Can an engine crane be used for other lifting tasks?

    Yes, an engine crane can be used for various lifting tasks beyond engines. This versatile engine hoist can lift transmissions, heavy machinery, and more, making it a valuable engine lift for any workshop.

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    What features should I look for in an engine hoist?

    When choosing an engine hoist, look for features like a high weight capacity, adjustable boom, and durable construction. These qualities ensure that your engine lift can handle demanding tasks, providing a reliable engine crane for your needs.

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    How much weight can an engine hoist lift?

    An engine hoist can lift up to 2 tons, depending on the model. This engine lift is designed for heavy-duty applications, making it a powerful and reliable engine crane for automotive repairs and maintenance.

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    What is the cost range for a quality engine hoist?

    The cost of a quality engine hoist typically ranges depending on features and capacity. Investing in a reliable engine lift ensures safety and efficiency, making it a valuable engine crane for automotive work.

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    Can an engine hoist be rented?

    Yes, engine hoists can often be rented from tool rental companies. This allows you to use an engine lift without the full purchase cost, providing a cost-effective engine crane solution for temporary needs.

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    Are engine cranes easy to assemble?

    Most engine cranes are designed for easy assembly, with clear instructions provided. This ensures that setting up your engine hoist is straightforward, allowing you to quickly and safely use your engine lift.

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    Are engine cranes adjustable?

    Yes, many engine cranes feature adjustable booms and legs to accommodate different engine sizes and lifting requirements. This makes the engine hoist versatile and adaptable, providing a reliable engine lift for various applications.

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    How do I maintain my engine lift for longevity?

    To maintain your engine lift for longevity, regularly inspect the engine crane for wear and tear, lubricate moving parts, and ensure all bolts are tightened. Proper maintenance of your engine hoist ensures safe and efficient operation.

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    How do engine lifts enhance automotive repairs?

    Engine lifts enhance automotive repairs by providing a safe and efficient way to remove and install engines. This engine hoist reduces the physical strain and risk of injury, making the engine crane an essential tool for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

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    How do I test the stability of an engine lift?

    To test the stability of an engine lift, ensure the engine crane is on a flat surface and check for any wobbling. Secure the engine hoist with the load at a low height before fully lifting, ensuring the engine lift remains stable under weight.

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    Can an engine crane be customized?

    Some engine cranes can be customized with additional attachments or modifications to suit specific needs. This makes the engine hoist adaptable for various tasks, providing a versatile engine lift solution for different applications.

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    What is an engine crane used for?

    An engine crane is used for lifting and removing engines from vehicles. This engine hoist can handle heavy loads, typically up to 2 tons, making it essential for mechanics and car enthusiasts needing a reliable engine lift.

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    What safety features should I look for in an engine lift?

    Look for safety features such as overload protection, sturdy construction, and locking mechanisms in an engine lift. These features ensure your engine hoist operates safely and reliably, providing a secure engine crane solution.

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    Can an engine lift be used by one person?

    Yes, an engine lift can be used by one person, though assistance may be needed for heavier loads. This engine crane is designed to be user-friendly, with features that make operation with an engine hoist straightforward and safe.

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    Are engine cranes portable?

    Many engine cranes are designed to be portable, featuring foldable legs and wheels. This makes the engine hoist easy to move and store, providing a convenient engine lift solution for workshops with limited space.

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    Are engine lifts compatible with all vehicle types?

    Most engine lifts are compatible with a wide range of vehicle types. This engine hoist can be adjusted to fit different engine sizes, making the engine crane versatile for various automotive applications.

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    How do I safely store an engine crane?

    To safely store an engine crane, fold the legs (if applicable) and secure all parts. Store the engine hoist in a dry, protected area to prevent rust and damage. Proper storage ensures your engine lift remains in good condition for future use.

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    How does an engine lift improve workshop efficiency?

    An engine lift improves workshop efficiency by enabling quick and safe engine removal and installation. This engine hoist reduces downtime and labor costs, providing a reliable engine crane solution for automotive tasks.

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    How do I choose the right engine hoist for my vehicle?

    Choose the right engine hoist by considering your vehicle’s engine weight and the engine lift‘s capacity. Ensure the engine crane you select can handle the load safely, and check for adjustable features to fit various vehicle sizes.

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    What safety precautions should I take when using an engine hoist?

    When using an engine hoist, ensure the area is clear, use proper lifting techniques, and check that the engine crane is stable. Always adhere to the weight limits of your engine lift to prevent accidents and injuries.

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    What weight capacities are available for engine hoists?

    Engine hoists are available in various weight capacities, typically ranging from 1 to 3 tons. Choose an engine lift that matches your lifting needs to ensure safe operation, and select an engine crane with the appropriate capacity.

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    Can an engine lift handle non-automotive tasks?

    Yes, an engine lift can handle various non-automotive tasks such as lifting heavy machinery or equipment. This engine crane provides a versatile lifting solution, with the engine hoist capable of handling diverse heavy-duty tasks.

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    How do I set up an engine lift?

    To set up an engine lift, assemble the engine crane according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring all parts are secure. Adjust the engine hoist for the appropriate height and position before use, and test for stability.

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    What materials are engine cranes typically made from?

    Engine cranes are typically made from high-strength steel to ensure durability and stability. This construction makes the engine hoist robust and capable of handling heavy loads, offering a reliable engine lift for various tasks.

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    What is the difference between a manual and hydraulic engine crane?

    A manual engine crane requires physical effort to operate, while a hydraulic engine hoist uses a hydraulic pump for easier lifting. Both types of engine lifts are effective, but hydraulic versions offer greater convenience and efficiency.

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    Can an engine crane be used outdoors?

    Yes, an engine crane can be used outdoors, provided it is on a stable and level surface. Ensure your engine hoist is protected from weather conditions to maintain its integrity and functionality as an engine lift.

Elevate Your Engine Work with an Engine Crane

When it comes to heavy lifting in your automotive workshop, an engine crane is an indispensable tool. Also known as an engine hoist or an engine lift, this versatile piece of equipment allows you to safely and efficiently remove and install engines, transmissions, and other heavy components from vehicles. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using an engine crane, its various applications, and key considerations when choosing the right one for your needs.

Unleash the Power of an Engine Crane

An engine crane is a must-have tool for any automotive enthusiast or professional mechanic. Here’s why:

  • Heavy Lifting Capability: Engine cranes are specifically designed to lift heavy loads, making them ideal for removing and installing engines, transmissions, and other large automotive components with ease.
  • Versatility: With adjustable booms and telescoping arms, engine cranes can accommodate various engine sizes and configurations, providing flexibility for different types of vehicles.
  • Safety: Engine cranes feature sturdy construction and built-in safety features such as locking mechanisms and swivel casters, ensuring stable and secure lifting operations.
  • Efficiency: By eliminating the need for manual lifting or multiple people to handle heavy components, an engine crane streamlines the engine removal and installation process, saving time and effort.

Applications of an Engine Crane

The versatility of an engine crane extends beyond engine work. Here are some common applications:

  • Transmission Removal: Engine cranes are invaluable for lifting and maneuvering transmissions during repairs or replacements.
  • Suspension Work: Use an engine crane to support and lift suspension components for inspection, maintenance, or upgrades.
  • Body Repairs: When working on the body of a vehicle, an engine crane can assist in lifting and positioning large panels or parts for welding, painting, or dent repair.
  • General Shop Use: From lifting heavy machinery to moving bulky items around the workshop, an engine crane is a versatile tool for various lifting tasks.

Choosing the Right Engine Crane

When selecting an engine crane, consider the following factors:

  • Weight Capacity: Ensure the crane’s weight capacity matches or exceeds the heaviest load you plan to lift.
  • Boom Length and Height: Choose a crane with adjustable boom length and height to accommodate different engine sizes and workspaces.
  • Mobility: Look for a crane with sturdy wheels and casters for easy maneuverability around the workshop.
  • Build Quality: Opt for a crane made from durable materials such as steel or aluminum for long-lasting performance.


An engine crane is a versatile and essential tool for any automotive workshop or enthusiast. Whether you’re tackling engine swaps, transmission replacements, or suspension repairs, investing in a quality engine crane will enhance efficiency, safety, and overall productivity in your garage. Browse our selection of engine hoists and engine lifts today to find the perfect lifting solution for your automotive needs!


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