Shipping is fast, Very strong engine stand, easy to assemble and confident it won’t flip over,

Say goodbye to shaky & unstable engine stands, and embrace the peace of mind that comes with this heavy duty engine stand
With its H-shaped base and thickened steel material, you can be sure that all types of automobile engines are supported securely during rebuilding, repairing, and maintenance

Engine Stand | Motor Hoist Dolly | Rotating Motor Stand

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With rigorous testing, it has been proven to securely hold up to a whopping 750 lb | 340kg, allowing your engine is held in place safely and firmly.

The upgraded H-shaped base takes the place of the traditional T-shaped base, making the engine stand even more stable. No more worrying about shaking or tilting!

  • Product Dimensions: 27.6″×33.3″×33.3″ | 700mm×845mm×845mm
  • Net Weight: 41.4 lb | 18.8 kg
  • Max. Load Capacity: 750 lb | 340 kg
  • Material: Steel

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Package Contents
  • 10 x Bolts
  • 12 x Washers
  • 12 x Nuts
  • 12 x Spring Washers
  • 1 x Lock Pin
  • 3 x Brake Wheels
  • 1 x No Brake Wheel
  • 2 x End Cover
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Original price was: $299.Current price is: $269.

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Built to Last

Made from selected alloy steel, this engine stand provides stable support for your engine. It is not prone to deformation or fracture, even with long-term use. The electrostatic spraying surface also provides an added layer of protection against rust that your engine stand will look new for years to come.

Tight and Secure

The 1.1″ long hex head bolts on the mounting arms provide a tight, secure grip on your engine blocks, eliminating any worry of loosening during maintenance. The adjustable and 360° rotatable mounting arms ensure you get the job done efficiently and effectively. The body of the engine stand is made from cast iron material, which is known for its strength and durability.

Movable and Lockable

Equipped with 2 pcs fixed wheels and 2 pcs 360° universal wheels (1 of which has a brake), this engine stand can be easily moved and positioned exactly where you need it. The casters are made from QT450 cast iron material, providing resistance against pressure and wear, ensuring that your engine stand will perform smoothly for years to come.

Great for Your Repair Work

This engine stand is compatible with various brands of engine blocks and comes with a 20″ extended handle and 6 location holes, making rotation and fixing hassle-free. The engine stand is great for your work, whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast.
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How much weight can an Engine Stand typically support?
Engine Stands come in various weight capacities, ranging from 750 pounds to over 2,000 pounds, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
Is a Motor Hoist Dolly easy to move around the garage, especially when the engine is mounted on it?
Yes, Motor Hoist Dollies are designed for easy maneuverability, even with the engine mounted. They often feature casters for smooth movement.
Can a Rotating Motor Stand accommodate different engine types and sizes?
Yes, Rotating Motor Stands are adjustable to fit various engine sizes, making them versatile and suitable for many engine types.
Do Engine Stands come with any additional features like adjustable mounting arms or swivel casters?
Many Engine Stands include features such as adjustable mounting arms and swivel casters for added convenience during engine maintenance.
How does a Motor Hoist Dolly help in engine removal and installation?
A Motor Hoist Dolly simplifies engine removal and installation by providing a stable and mobile platform that can lift and transport engines in and out of vehicles with ease.
Are Rotating Motor Stands suitable for working on both gasoline and diesel engines?
Yes, Rotating Motor Stands are versatile and can be used for both gasoline and diesel engines, making them a valuable tool in the garage.
Can an Engine Stand be used for storing engines, or is it primarily for engine maintenance and repair?
Engine Stands are suitable for both storing and working on engines, helping you keep your workspace organized and efficient.
Are Motor Hoist Dollies compatible with engine hoists, or do they work independently?
Motor Hoist Dollies are designed to work in conjunction with engine hoists, enhancing their mobility and functionality.
How does a Rotating Motor Stand assist in engine repair and rebuilding projects?
A Rotating Motor Stand provides 360-degree rotation of the engine, allowing easy access to all sides for repair, rebuilding, and maintenance tasks.
Can an Engine Stand be disassembled or folded for storage when not in use?
Some Engine Stands are designed to be foldable or disassembled for convenient storage, saving space in your garage or workshop.
What safety features should I look for when choosing a Motor Hoist Dolly?
Look for features like locking mechanisms and sturdy construction to ensure safe and secure engine handling when using a Motor Hoist Dolly.
Do Rotating Motor Stands require any special maintenance to keep them functioning smoothly?
Rotating Motor Stands are relatively low maintenance. Regular lubrication of moving parts and inspection for wear are typically sufficient.
Can an Engine Stand be used for engines removed from motorcycles and smaller vehicles, or is it better suited for larger engines?
Engine Stands are versatile and can be used for a wide range of engines, including those from motorcycles and smaller vehicles.
How does a Motor Hoist Dolly handle the weight of an engine? What materials are they typically made from?
Motor Hoist Dollies are typically made from sturdy materials like steel and are designed to distribute the weight of the engine evenly for safe transportation.
Can a Rotating Motor Stand be adjusted to various working heights, or is it a fixed height stand?
Some Rotating Motor Stands feature adjustable height options, allowing you to work at a comfortable level for your specific project.
Can an Engine Stand be used for engines with automatic or manual transmissions, or are they designed for specific transmission types?
Engine Stands are compatible with both automatic and manual transmission engines, making them versatile for different vehicle types.
Are Motor Hoist Dollies suitable for use in professional automotive repair shops, or are they primarily for home mechanics?
Motor Hoist Dollies are used in both professional automotive repair shops and by home mechanics due to their effectiveness and mobility.
What is the weight capacity of a typical Rotating Motor Stand?
Rotating Motor Stands typically come with varying weight capacities, ranging from 1,000 pounds to 2,000 pounds, ensuring they can handle different engine sizes.
Can an Engine Stand be used for securely storing engines over an extended period without any issues?
Yes, Engine Stands are a reliable option for long-term engine storage, keeping engines off the ground and protected from potential damage.
How does a Motor Hoist Dolly help with engine transport when working on projects like engine swaps or rebuilds?
A Motor Hoist Dolly simplifies engine transport by allowing you to easily move engines around your workspace, aiding in tasks like engine swaps, rebuilds, and installations.
Engine Stand - The Backbone of Engine Maintenance and More

The engine, often considered the heart of a vehicle, requires careful handling and maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Enter the Engine Stand, a versatile tool also known as a Motor Hoist Dolly or Rotating Motor Stand. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of engine stands, understand their significance, and explore how they can revolutionize engine maintenance and various other tasks.

1. The Engine Stand Unveiled:

An engine stand is a purpose-built tool designed to hold and secure an engine while you work on it. Engine stands come in various types, offering different levels of mobility and rotation.

2. Benefits of Using a Motor Hoist Dolly:

a. Stability: Engine stands provide a stable platform for your engine, ensuring safe and secure maintenance.

b. Mobility: Some stands are equipped with wheels, making it easier to move the engine around the workshop.

c. Accessibility: The ability to rotate the engine simplifies access to all sides, facilitating thorough inspections and repairs.

d. Space-Saving: Engine stands are designed to occupy minimal floor space, making them suitable for both professional garages and home workshops.

e. Versatility: These stands aren’t limited to engines alone; they can also hold transmissions, differentials, and other heavy components.

3. Types of Engine Stands:

Engine stands come in different types to suit various applications:

a. Fixed Stand: These provide stability but lack mobility or rotation.

b. Rolling Stand: Equipped with wheels, these stands offer mobility within the workshop.

c. Rotating Stand: These stands have the added advantage of 360-degree rotation, ensuring easy access to all sides of the engine.

d. Folding Stand: Ideal for space-saving storage when not in use, folding stands are convenient for home workshops.

4. How to Use a Rotating Motor Stand:

Using an engine stand is a straightforward process:

a. Attach the Engine: Secure the engine to the stand using appropriate mounting brackets.

b. Adjust and Lock: Position the engine as required and lock it in place to prevent accidental movement.

c. Access and Work: Rotate the engine to access different sides for maintenance or repairs.

d. Store or Move: When not in use, store the stand or move it around your workspace if it’s a rolling stand.

5. Conclusion: Empowering Engine Maintenance and Beyond

An Engine Stand, also known as a Motor Hoist Dolly or Rotating Motor Stand, is a vital tool in the world of automotive maintenance. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this tool simplifies engine and component maintenance, making tasks safer and more efficient. With various types to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your workshop needs. So, take the stress out of engine maintenance, give your engine a safe and secure platform, and experience the convenience of an engine stand. Your automotive projects will never be the same again!


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